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26. Malia
In the wild, mother orcas pass their parenting knowledge on to their calves, a lifelong bond that is critical for the success of the species. However, over multiple generations of captive breeding in marine parks, this bond is apparently deteriorating. A prime example of such social abnormality is exhibited by the young orca Malia. Malia is a second generation captive-bred orca born to Taima (deceased). A few months after Malia was born, her mother began acting aggressively towards her and repeatedly chased her, raked her with her teeth, and even beached her. As a consequence, Malia grew up fast and began eating fish and acting independent at 4 months old.  At the age of 2, Malia started showing abnormal behaviors, floating listlessly in her pool in a tranced state. If one day she becomes a mother, will Malia will know how to raise her calf?

Why are we still arguing over Blackfish’s accuracy? Let’s just toss the documentary out and everything else still stands: • Keltie Byrne’s death • Daniel Dukes’ death • Alexis Martinez’s death • Dawn Brancheau’s death • John Sillick’s injury caused by Orky II • Ken Peters’ near-fatal drowning caused by Kasatka • Annette Eckis’ injury caused by Shamu • Tamarie Tollison’s injury caused by Splash and Orkid • Separation of families • Collection of semen • Inseminating semen into females • Dead, thawed fish • Jello, ice, and hoses to quell dehydration • Drugs and vitamins • Tooth drilling and extraction • 100% of adult males in captivity have collapsed dorsal fins • Whale-on-whale aggression (yes, there is aggression in the wild, but not on captivity’s scale) • No human has ever been severely harmed by a wild killer whale (the man who required 100 stitches could not verify that he was attacked by a killer whale; regardless, no human has been killed by a killer whale in the wild) • Lethargic, listless behaviors for hours • SeaWorld has never rescued/released a killer whale • SeaWorld’s “educators” misinform the public • SeaWorld Orlando trainer Kelly Flaherty Clark lied under court oath and said Loro Parque is not affiliated with SeaWorld. Of course it is, as its 5 orcas (Keto, Tekoa, Kohana, Skyla, Adán) belong to SeaWorld, but are on loan • SeaWorld twisted Dr. Ingrid Visser’s paper on New Zealand orcas by saying “nearly one-quarter” of male wild killer whales have “collapsed” dorsals, when in actuality, less than 1% do. The actual study found that 23% of males (7 out of 30) in a specific New Zealand population have dorsal fin “abnormalities,” not collapsed (only one male had a collapsed dorsal). In the same study, 174 Norwegian orcas were included, with just one male having an “abnormality.” • Seriously, throw Blackfish away and all the footage and documents still exist. It doesn’t matter if you dislike the former trainers or scientists that oppose captivity—facts are facts. **If you’d like me to expand on anything mentioned above, please let me know. Second post will follow.** • Photo: BC Whale Tours on Instagram
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Schedule of Events for Superpod Three

Cher slams 'heinous' SeaWorld

Cher accuses SeaWorld executives of running a “heinous corporation”.

The pop diva, 68, is not a fan of the popular theme park, where workers were accused of mistreating their marine mammals in 2013 documentary Blackfish.

Despite spokespeople for the park fiercely denying the allegations, Cher took to Twitter insisting that the park’s whales, dolphins and porpoises, otherwise known as Cetacea, live under the constant threat of brutality in favour of profits.

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/Cher-slams-heinous-SeaWorld/tabid/418/articleID/350894/Default.aspx#ixzz36HkMIPSA


Remember, you can only care about an animal if you and your child can gaze at its face for a few minutes. (Please buy a plush on the way out to remember your special bonding moment with.)If you support Seaworld, you don’t actually care about these animals. End of story.